Nitro Magna Charge To Be A Target Exclusive Variant

lesty is at it again!

In the past he’s leaked the existence of several figures (Jade Flashwing, Gnarly Tree Rex single) and their release date weeks ahead of time due to his position. He is now continuing the trend by revealing that Nitro Magna Charge be exclusive to Target stores. Packaged in a 2-pack with either Free Ranger or Rattle Shake, Nitro Magna Charge will be available right at launch. However, just like Jade Flashwing and Granite Crusher, don’t expect this variant to stay on the shelves for more than a few weeks so don’t hesitate to buy him as soon as you find him!

While there are no official images of Nitro Magna Charge out yet, he is described as a yellow/gold version of the normal Magna Charge.


11 comments on “Nitro Magna Charge To Be A Target Exclusive Variant

  1. Nicely done, Atlus!
    Thanks for the info!

  2. Oh man, I totally called him being a Target exclusive! But ugh, rough that’s he’s only going to be in two packs. They’re getting better at sucking the money out of our wallets lol.

  3. The other thing that’s a bummer on this is that both of those second figures are part of the 3DS starter pack already.

  4. There is a photo of him now.

  5. Haha, exactly! Plus, keeping a Swap Force variant in the package would eliminate the swapping option.

  6. […] headed out but Target now has the Nitro Magna Charge 2-packs up for preorder! We already knew about Nitro Magna Charge being a Target exclusive a week ago but you can follow the links below to check it out at Target.com or take a look at our […]

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