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Best Buy Gives First Hint At Wave 4 Skylanders

Spring has yet to be spring but major retailers across the country are beginning to turn their eyes towards Easter toy sales. Best Buy is getting geared up with a Spring Edition line of Skylanders that come in holiday packaging currently set to release in early April. Although the listings were pulled from the web site nearly as quickly as they appeared, this gives us our first look at a few of the Skylanders we can expect in the next wave. Here’s the list of the known Spring Edition figures:

  • Fryno
  • Springtime Trigger Happy
  • Punk Shock

No word yet on if the Spring Edition packaging is exclusive to Best Buy or how this release fits with the full Wave 4 release but as we find out more we’ll pass that info along to you!

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One comment on “Best Buy Gives First Hint At Wave 4 Skylanders

  1. […] April will be a hot bed of Skylander releases this year. Not only do eager portalmasters have the Wave 4 Easter line to look forward to but Nitro Freeze Blade is now on the radar. Target.com has put up a preorder […]

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