RT And Win A New York Toy Fair Metallic Dune Bug From @SkylandersGame!

Despite the distinct lack of Skylanders 4 information at this year’s New Toy Fair (thus squashing all of our predictions), Activision is still using this annual industry event as a cornerstone of its Skylanders marketing strategy. What isn’t different is that there’s a new exclusive variant for us to drool over: Red Metallic Dune Bug!

Since most Skylanders fans won’t be able to attend in person the official Skylanders twitter account is giving us a chance to win a metallic Dune Bug of our very own. All you need to do is RT this tweet from @SkylandersGame and you’re entered to win. It really is as simple as that! Here’s their official rules regarding the contest.

Good luck to everyone who enters as I’d lover to see a fellow portalflipper win!



3 comments on “RT And Win A New York Toy Fair Metallic Dune Bug From @SkylandersGame!

  1. Nice, pity it’s restricted to US only. 😦

  2. Read that hundreds of red dune bugs were given away to attendees of activision booth at toy fair 2014, maybe now we might see a drop in price on second market sales as more become available to those of us who are not in the industry biz. Plus we still do get a chance in sweepstakes competitions to win one.

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