MegaBloks Gives First Peek At Skylanders 4

While we’re disappointed that New York Toy Fair has come and gone without an official Skylanders 4 announcement we won’t be walking away empty handed. Action figure news site Figures.com collected all of the press materials that MegaBrands had on hand. These materials give us our first look at several unknown characters as well as a possible direction that the next game may take. While looking through the gallery keep an eye out for these unfamiliar faces:

  • White knight(?) character with giant sword
  • Orange warrior(?) with dual hammers
  • Blue toad(?) with bow & arrow. Ally to Kaos? Possibly named Ranger

As well as these new character you’ll see several Skylanders riding karts. Will vehicle based racing be part of the next Skylanders installment? We’ll have to wait for an official announcement but in the meantime check out the gallery below and see these new characters for yourself.

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4 comments on “MegaBloks Gives First Peek At Skylanders 4

  1. I came across this interesting vid the other day. It talks about the possibility of Skylander’s 4 being a racing game – maybe called Skylander’s Zoom. It’s pretty interesting.

  2. On the screen shot with “Skylanders Elemental Zone Assist” on the set on the right, the Fire Fortress, it looks like some golden lion character is standing in front of it.

  3. […] has kicked off today and it has given us a look at three new Skylanders from the upcoming sequel. Unlike the MegaBloks leak last week we can at least these as new Skylanders and not just as new characters. Their names aren’t […]

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