Frito-Lay Contest Reveals First 3 New Skylanders

The Frito-Lay Name A Skylander contest has kicked off today and it has given us a look at three new Skylanders from the upcoming sequel. Unlike the MegaBloks leak last week we can at least these as new Skylanders and not just as new characters. Their names aren’t known yet as they will be named by a lucky winner (or winners) of the Frito-Lay contest. Check out the gallery below and let us know what you think!

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83 comments on “Frito-Lay Contest Reveals First 3 New Skylanders

  1. Dragon Fly?
    I can’t wait to know more about this game!

  2. Hi my name is Bradley, I am 7years old. I love skylanders. Im SORRY to say I have been a little bit bored playing with it because I’m growing, I want a better game and I have a wii so its not a good system for skylanders so when you make skylanders 4 I want it BETTER okay 🙂
    Bradley .

  3. dynomite,dolpenX,&stara. 🙂 *:) :0

  4. Fly bolt. Dopnight and twister

  5. Batnado, sharknado, dragon wing

  6. Flying Start

  7. For fish Dolphincrusher for zap guy dragonfly for hex person doom bat

  8. Whale throw
    Bug zap
    Midevil mist

  9. Looks like the site is having issues. I tried twice and both times said sorry we are having issues try back later.

  10. you know what? i am just so excited for the new game that i don’t even care about anyother game. and for names i would recomend Dragon Fly, Blowhole and Batastrify!

  11. Strike,ship wreak,frighter

  12. The shark dolphin guy I would name it bruiser shark the flying one I would name it fly trap and the vampire girl one I would name vampire creep

  13. slinger and dinemic destroyer and tweril weril

  14. Saw a picture of silver Dino rang on eBay with its right hand raised not the left as in all poses, is this a fake?

  15. Hmm, I logged in after missing a couple of days and it appears to have reset my game back to the start. Any idea how I can restore my progress?
    (I haven’t logged into activate again, as if I try it warns me it will wipe my activate account and replace it with the device progress where I need it to do the opposite)

    • do you have more than 1 device? i’ve had that happen when i’m moving between devices sometimes, so i go back to the other device and it works out.

    • shoot. well, there is a facebook page for lost islands where other people have reported this also. https://www.facebook.com/pages/Skylanders-Lost-Islands/523032637742660
      the only other thing that i can think of is to download the app on another device and try or reinstall the app.

      • Reinstalling didn’t work, but I realised I had missed the obvious. Instead of trying to log into activate via the options menu I went in via the social menu. I could log in there without it trying to upload the current game. As soon as I logged in via the social menu it reloaded my game from the cloud save. So I’m back. 🙂
        Thanks for the help.

      • right on. i was pleased to see a gift from you with your kingdom at level 40 🙂

  16. Has anybody tried out Chieftess? I think she is way overpriced, I highly doubt she would pay out enough gold once a day to justify 200 wish stones.

    • agreed on the overpricing, hence i have not yet. i am waiting for 1 of 2 things. 1) a timed quest/incentive to own her (which i hope return tomorrow) or 2) a 50% daily offer @ 100 stones.

    • I had spare wish stones, so bought her yesterday (it was also a, yay got back in buy)
      She’s a bit harder to find then the other 2 being a lighter colour. The first payout I got was 2500 gold.

      • Yeah 2500 gold is nothing.

      • Got 5k on the second day, so it’s a bit variable.
        This would be nice for people who have just started but 200 stones would not be doable for someone who has just started. By the time 200 stones is doable, a few thousand gold isn’t much.

      • They should change her cost to gold, maybe 100k? I dont know, this just seems like a worthless addition at this point in the game’s lifecycle.

  17. Our moderator seems to have vanished. No new posts in weeks and lots happening this weekend.

  18. New Swappables, wave 4 etc..

  19. Target released nitro freeze blade in their stores and enchanted star strike is also available at Walmart stores also seen two new variant swappers released in Europe two tone trap shadw and a two tone stink bomb .

  20. Saw all three new Easter packaged swap force characters for sale at Walmart today

  21. Huge update today, maybe Atlus will come back and post it?

  22. Got Fireworks Zook in my wishing well as grand prize as I didnt get him last time round, Looks cool. Thought there would have been more buildings added to the list, just got the sheep island offered in my game but need to level up to 41

  23. So a new summoning stone, for 15m and a 10k XP reward. Once again, a high price for a low reward. Anybody gotten it yet, does it do anything besides look pretty?

    • i got the new summoning stone. as far as i can tell, it’s just better looking. there’s a follow on quest after the initial one for 12.5k XP. if i didn’t have the excess gold, i wouldn’t have got it. i’m interested that they have created an entirely new upgrades section of the menu though. it would appear that there are more treats to come…

      • I have excess gold as well but I would rather just spend it on skylander spins, 22k xp is what I get from the stage every 8 hours so no thanks on the summoning stone. The reward should be a unique Skylander or two then I would definitely get it. Sheep Island is 25m and even its reward is going to be about half a percentage point for what is basically going to be where either a sanctuary or the summoning stone is going to go.

  24. The upgrade store is just like the one in gardens in time works the same way. Multiple levels of upgrades to the same building, saves on their inventory offerings.

  25. My son told me there was an ad on tv that showed doom stone and implied he will be available at walmart

    • i saw that commercial as well and was surprised to hear it. i’m actually still sitting on rubble rouser’s quest to go to pirate grotto until there is a backup earth swapper to manage the sugar bats.

      • I bought the adventure clock, its worth it, and it totally knocks those 22h quests out of the park. It is a 24h cooldown and will definitely burn through the energy tho.

  26. Sounds like the clock is a good deal. Will get it one day hopefully gotta save those gems.

  27. Buyer beware the new listing of Alt deco enchanted star strike at Walmart confirms the stores have it in stock but its actually listing the regular enchanted star strikes barcode in the orders . I went to pick mine up and was not too happy neither was my son. Got refund and sent walmart an e-mail about the mix up. Until a new barcode is assigned to the new alto the only way to be sure you are getting what you pay for on this item is hands on in store.

  28. while it seems that they’re pacing themselves on new content, the effort on the cap raise to 45 seems weak. thus far, there are no new houses or community buildings. at level 42, nothing new unlocked except and extra adventure balloon and energy field. even if they’re planning to add more new islands, at least show them…

    • Have you bought the little sheep island for 25m? Another high cost for what seems to be a private island for a sanctuary. 75k xp is what, 1% of a level, maybe? I like the new companion tho, 200 gems is cheap for a permanent double decoration bonus..I am waiting on him tho since I am hoping to get Flynn in an Easter special.

      • Yeah, I have sheep island. I will never use all the gold that I have. I bought the new little troll island today, in 24hrs, it will be unveiled.
        75k isn’t even 1%, but I don’t think that matters much at these levels.
        Agree on the new companion! I think he is a steal at 200gems. I wouldn’t be surprised if they charge more for him like they did with diggs. Good call on an Easter special! It’s been so long since they had anything like that.

      • Also, prepare to be underwhelmed by willowbark’s quest rewards. The 1st (assuming there’s a 2nd) yields a circle flower bed…

      • I’ve sold so many of those from the wishing well…that is pretty weak.

    • Wow, I’m impressed, I’m only 20ish % through Level 40 and your at 42 already. Now I feel slow.
      With the new companion looks like I need to spend some of the spare Kudos I have on Sheep Topiaries. as they are now 20% boosts 🙂

      • for super tuesday, i had double kingdom XP last week and this week. i will be a level 43 by the end of today…i cycle most of my community buildings thru my sheep topiary box, coupled with the new companion will yield more than a 50% kingdom XP increase today – just ridiculous, but i’m enjoying it.

        also, willowbark’s quest requires a large wood house, which i didn’t have, so i had to build. and you have to collect from it 5 times. i didn’t think to build more than one (until just now) as a means to get thru that quest faster. that quest will complete tomorrow morning.

  29. Toys r us in NYC are giving out doom stone characters to first 500 in line next wed

  30. Flocked springtime trigger happy has been found in the wild here in USA at a toys r us store.

  31. So the Easter Sale looks to be 50% off Skylanders, old Alter-Egos in the wishing well, and gem pack discounts. Kinda disappointing, I was hoping for 50% companions myself. If that doesn’t happen by Sunday I will just pick up the last two SWAP Force guys I need and L. Slam Bam.

    • it does say to ‘check back this weekend’ so this is hope! that’s another thing that i’ve seen in the past, where they have the alter-egos in the well – on the weekend – people see the banner now and start dumping stones before the event begins, then they get mad…

  32. WOO! I held off on the Easter Weekend Sale hoping for a companion discount and BAM, Flynn is 75% off on Easter!

    • 75%!! that’s amazing!! congrats 🙂

      another new development in the islands is that eon’s statue produces every 6 hrs. thus far, i’ve gotten energy, stones + gems.

      • The Eon statue that is 1250 kudos is paying out now? Do you think that is a permanent thing or just for the weekend, because the description hasn’t changed.

  33. it appears the eon statue payout will continue, it now says 1000+ energy payout, though i got a gem from it this morning. another nice enhancement is that beatrees will harvest sheep topiaries, so i’ll be maxing those out soon since i won’t have to physically collect them. the return of the timed quests is encouraging, despite the lack of punch that they’re providing this week.

    • All good news, I was already getting tired of the sheep topiaries. I’ll also make sure to pick up the Eon statue when I get the Ipad back next week (-_-). I had it long enough to see the timed quests, the rewards were crap but I would have picked up another Adventure Airship. I’ve used the wishing well thousands of times and yet not one time have I gotten the airship.

      • i’ve never gotten an airship, energy field, nor giant/alter ego house from the well. just about everything else though. i have 2 tech shrines left to win, after that, i’ll have nothing left to chase in the well. i hit level 45 today, yet i still need over a dozen more troll camps to complete the troll island quest…looking fwd to more timed goals & perhaps more sanctuary-sized islands. i won’t need 8 though, my air sanctuary has grown roots, i cannot move it. i don’t dare ask activision for help and risk corrupting my profile.

  34. Derek, hope you’re doing okay! Haven’t heard anything from you in months now.

  35. Still without the Ipad, did we get a new skylander for May, or any kind of May update? Or can I expect another Hut?

    • we got Builda Grilla Drilla! decked out in a hard hat and safety vest. there is also a banner that eludes to many May updates. i enjoy the swapper alter-ego, but man does this game neglect the air element for characters…life = 20; air = 13.

      • Wow another Life Skylander? For a second there I confused Grilla Drilla with Rubble Rouser and was happy to get another Earth SWAP Force member, but alas, no. But hey, at least we got an update.

  36. So, the Life challenge is fun, but the collecting from Orville tends to be a tad inconsistent. Is there a secret to it? I’ve only collected from him once in the last two days. At this rate, I’m not going to meet the required 15 times.

    • i believe that you can only collect from orville once a day, so make note of when you collect from him. it’s like the molekin market, hyde, ma-boo – they regenerate 24 hrs from the time that are collected. i have an alarm on my phone for molekin market, but i lose days now and then. even if you don’t meet the goal, it appears that it will be available in the upgrade section after the challenge.

  37. Try to finish this quest. The reward is an upgraded smaller Life sanctuary. Less space so I am very interested.

    Derek, I hope you are ok. We Miss you and we are curieus whatever news you will post om skylanders 4 trap team

  38. Next week it will be 3 months since Derek’s last post. That’s not a good sign. We are all worried now. You and your family are in our thoughts.

  39. I too wonder if our moderator is ok? just a quick observance in lost islands I got a goal completed for 100,000 xp and my %was just upend by 1%only that was harsh knowing it’s gona take a shed load to level up over the 40 mark.

  40. Tried to enter in my code for enchanted star strike(added today) and it won’t accept it?? So I tried using both other codes from the other two star strikes they didn’t work either😡 not to sure what to do now. Maybe walmart screwed up the numbers.

  41. Heads up folks, today a bunch of new things are happening.
    ~ Builda Grilla Drilla is in the wishing well for me, despite having already received this month’s prize
    ~ New companion: Duff – adds chance to find gold and silver chests from trees, costs 150 gems. Adds new quest to clear 5 trees and 3 chests, reward 3 gems.
    ~ Info Sheep: 2x gold Tuesday only, 7,500 gems half price + additional 50 wish stones
    ~ log in news flash listed that buddy wrecking ball and his house would also be available soon for a short time.

    Derek, I hope you and your family are okay, we miss you around here.

  42. 2nd and 3rd metallic shroom boom for bid on eBay. $1400.00 dollars so far still rising crazy prices being paid for chase skylanders

  43. Just thinking of you. Hope you and your family are ok.

  44. Jade Fire Kraken for sale Monday. Saw him at Walmart (they had 6) tonight, but they would not let me buy him. 😦 Said he will be for sale on the 16th.

  45. So far two variant in game villains exclusive to trap team special buys/e3. Toys r us are selling a legendary starter pack but so far no one has seen legendary characters for trap team ,I have read it might be either a legendary villan in a trap or a legendary trap itself.

  46. It’s now been fifteen months since Derek’s last post. I wish I knew what happened to him. He’s disappeared from Facebook, Twitter, and various Skylanders forums. 😦

  47. Checking in again. I keep looking online for any information but have been unable to solve the mystery of Derek’s disappearance. I fear I’m the only person left who cares.

  48. I also miss him him and I have been unable to find him.

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