Lost Islands FAQ



Q. What is Lost Islands?

A. Lost Islands is a time management game based on the popular Skylanders franchise and available for iOS as well as some Android devices.

Q. What’s a Skylander?

A. You might be lost.

Q. How much does Lost Islands cost?

A. Lost Islands is a “freemium” title meaning that you can download and play the game for free but you can also spend money on bonuses, perks, or even to speed up your game.

Q. What are Gems?

A. Gems are the premium currency in Lost Islands. You can either purchase them outright with real money or earn them over time by completing various quests, leveling up your Skylanders, etc. They are used for different premium actions such as speeding up tasks, purchasing special buildings, purchasing Skylanders, and more!

Q. What is the Daily Bonus?

A. The first time that you log in each day you will be rewarded with a Daily Bonus payout of Gold, Energy, Kingdom XP, Wishin’ Stones, or even Gems!

Q. What is the Element of the Day bonus?

A. Every day a new element is chosen as the Element of the Day. The Element of the Day awards a 10% Gold bonus when you complete adventures using a Skylander that matches the Element of the Day and also awards 10% more Energy when you harvest crops that match the Element of the Day. Elemental Shrines that match the Element of the Day will award Wishin’ Stones as well as awarding an additional Elemental bonus for matching adventures and crops.

Q. How do I get more Adventure Balloons?

A. The number of Adventure Balloons you can have is limited by your Kingdom Level. However, for 400 gems you can buy Adventure Airships which offer a 25% bonus to Gold and Hero XP payouts.


Q. What is the max Kingdom Level?

A. Initially the Kingdom Level cap is 30 but can be increased to 40.

Q. How do I get past Kingdom Level 30?

A. To level past 30 you first need to unlock Mayor Grizz.

Q. Why should I level my Kingdom?

A. Leveling your Kingdom will give you access to more adventure balloons, more Skylanders, more crop fields, more crops, more buildings, and more companions.

Q. How do I know how much Kingdom XP I need?

A. There is no way to tell exactly how much Kingdom XP you need for each level but as of the 1.4 update the Kingdom XP bar will now give you a percentage telling you how close you are to the next level.

Q. What is Willy’s Wishin’ Well?

A. Willy’s Wishin’ Well is located just to the northeast of your main island. It’s a lottery system that you can enter for 10 gems or 1 Wishin’ Stone.

Q. What is Flynn’s ship?

A. Located just north of your main island, Flynn’s ship let’s you view acquired companions as well as unlock others.

Q. What is Inventory Island?

A. Inventory Island is a recent addition to Lost Islands that is located to the left of Flynn’s Ship. It starts with 2 inventory slots in which you can stores buildings and decorations. Using gems you can expand the size of Inventory Island to store even more items.


Q. How do I unlock more Skylanders?

A. You can purchase Skylanders using gems, unlock them by entering web codes, trying your luck at the Spin to Win wheel, or by using the bluetooth portal. You no longer receive a free Skylander at every fifth level.

Q. What is the Spin to Win wheel?

A. The Spin to Win wheel, available from your Skylanders collection menu, is your chance to turn Gold into new Skylanders to send on adventures. You win a Skylander with every spin. The first will cost only 2,500 Gold but subsequent spins will cost substantially more and the price is based on how many Skylanders you currently own.

Q. How do I level my Skylanders?

A. Skylanders level up using Hero XP which is mainly earned through Adventures. Completing other activities such as clearing sheep/troll mobs, opening treasure chests, completing personal quests, and collecting from Elemental Sanctuaries will also yield Hero XP.

Q. What is the max level for Skylanders?

A. Initially the max level for Skylanders is 10 but can be increased to 15.

Q. How do I level my Skylanders past 10?

A. You first need to level your Kingdom to 27 which will unlock companion Ramses.

Q. Why should I level my Skylanders?

A. Leveling your Skylanders will give them access to longer adventures, award Gold & Gems, and eventually is necessary to get your Kingdom past level 30. At level 5 your Skylander will also gain access to a personal quest line. Higher level Skylanders also have access to adventures with better payouts.

Q. Which adventures should I send my Skylanders on?

A. The answer to this will be based on how often you check your Kingdom. The rule of thumb is that the shorter the adventure time, the better the rewards but you need to spend more time checking your Kingdom. If you’re interested in how the adventure rewards breakdown, take a look at our Adventure Reward Guide.

Q. What’s the difference between normal, Legendary, Special, Sidekicks, SWAP Force, and Giant Skylanders?

A. Normal Skylanders yield no Gold bonus. Legendary & Special Skylanders offer a 10% Gold bonus. Giants live up to their name and give a 25% bonus as well as being the only Skylanders that can open Gold Chests. The newly added Sidekicks also offer a 25% Gold bonus and are the only Skylanders capable of clearing active Chompy Pods. SWAP Force Skylanders offer a 25% Gold bonus and can be mix & matched to clear Sugarbat Swarms.


Q. What are crops?

A. Crops are planted in fields and harvested to gain energy which fuels Skylander adventures and other actions.

Q. How do I get more crops and/or fields?

A. Crops and fields are unlocked as you level up your Kingdom or you can purchase Radiant Energy Fields for 99 Gems each. Any crop planted on a Radiant Energy Field will produce 50% more energy!

Q. Which crops should I plant?

A. The answer to this depends on how often you check your Kingdom but you should always try to match the crop element to the Element of the Day. You can also check out our Crop Guide if you want an exact breakdown of what each crop yields.

Q. What are Radiant Crops?

A. Radiant Crops are crops that are planted using Gems. They mature in 10 seconds and yield twice the Energy that a normal crop would yield. They can not be planted in bulk by Beatrees. Since they cost Gems and mature at the same rate it’s best to spend as many Gems as possible for the best return. You can check out our Radiant Crops Guide out to see how much each crop will yield.


Q. What do houses in Lost Islands do?

A, Building houses increases your Mabu population allowing you to build Community buildings. In addition to this, they provide a small amount of Kingdom XP over time and Premium Houses provide a small amount of gold.

Q. What’s the difference between Basic and Premium Housing?

A. Basic Houses are purchased with gold, take time to build, and do not provide gold. Premium Houses ares purchased with Gems, build nearly instantly, and provide a small amount of gold.

Q. Which houses should I build?

A. As with every question of this nature, the answer to this will depend on different factors including time, cost, and space available. You can check out our Housing Guide to see a break down of each house and how many resources each one provides.

Community Buildings

Q. What are Community Buildings?

A. Community buildings provide a large amount of Kingdom XP and are built using your Mabu population.

Q. What’s the difference between Basic and Premium Community Buildings?

A. Basic Community Buildings are purchased using Mabu, are limited in the number you can have of each, and do not provide gold. Premium Buidings are purchased using Gems, have no set limit, and provide a small amount of gold.

Q. Which Community Buildings should I focus on?

A. Since all the Community Buildings have a set limit you should eventually max out on all of them. You can take a look at our Community Building Guide to see how each one breaks down over time.

Special Buildings

Q. What does [Skylander]’s House do?

A. All the Giant Skylanders and some of the Alter Egos and Sidekicks have a premium house that only the named Skylander can open. Each of these houses are available for a limited time and can be purchased from the store for 350 Gems. Placing the named Skylander in their house will send them on a 6 hour adventure which results in a random payout of Gold, Energy, Kingdom XP, or Gems! Giant variants (Gnarly Tree Rex, Granite Crusher, and Legendary Bouncer) can activate the house of their normal counterpart. Sidekicks can activate the house of their larger counterpart.

Q. What does the Hall of Legends do?

A. The Hall of Legends, when purchased for 200 Wishin’ Stones, can be activated by any Legendary Skylander. It sends them on a 6 hour adventure which randomly rewards Energy, Kingdom XP, Gold, or even Gems!

Q. What do the Dragon Lair & Dark House do?

A. Dragon Lairs/Dark Houses cost 1200 Gems each. Dragon Lairs can be activated by any Dragon Skylander while Dark Houses can be activated by any Dark Skylander. They can be collected from every 2 hours and payout Gold, Energy, Kingdom XP, or Gems.

Q. I’m gonna build so many Shrines and get so many Element of the Day bonuses!

A. Elemental Shrines are actually capped at 3 per element for a max bonus of 30%. However, acquiring Shrines as quest rewards will allow you to exceed this cap!


Q. What are companions?

A. Companions are one of the newest additions to Lost Islands. They all give different bonuses and are acquired in different ways. Some are gained through the normal course of the game, some are gained as you level, some are quest rewards, some are purchased with gold, and some are even purchased with gems.

Q. What does [Companion] do?

A. Refer to our Companion Guide for information on every released companion including cost and what they do.

Q. How do I unlock Ramses?

A. Ramses is unlocked when you reach kingdom level 27.

Q. Will Quigley allow me to collect from a building before it is mature?

A. No.

Q. Will Quigley collect automatically every 2 hours or do I need to manually activate the Newstand?

A. You need to activate the Newstand to have Quigley collect xp.

Q. Will Beatrees allow me to collect crops before they are mature?

A. No.

Q. Will Beatrees automatically collect my crops or do I need to manually activate the Greenhouse?

A. You need to manually activate her Greenhouse before she will collect your crops.

Q. How do I unlock Mayor Grizz?

A. To unlock Mayor Grizz you need to complete his quest which requires you to have 8 Skylanders at level 12.

Q. I bought Hyde/Ma-Boo and now I can’t find him!

A. If you’re having trouble finding either of these companions try force-closing Lost Islands then restarting it.

Alter Egos

Q. What is an Alter Ego?

A. An Alter Ego is a holiday themed version of a Skylander that is exclusive to Lost Islands. They give a 25% Gold bonus and are generally only available for 1 month before they’re retired.

Q. How do I get Hoppity Pop Fizz, Lucky Boomer, etc.?

A. All Alter Egos are generally only available during the month that they premiere. During that time they can be purchased for 1500 gems or won from Willy’s Wishin’ Well. They are not available from the Spin to Win wheel.

Q. How do I get Admiral Thumpback?

A. Admiral Thumpback is only available for purchase using Kudos which are obtained through using Lost Islands’ social features.

Q. Will they ever be available again?

A. From time to time Vicarious Visions will make retired Alter Egos available for purchase and/or to be won from Willy’s Wishin’ Well. Keep checking Portalflip.com or the Sales & Promotion Sheep to see when they’ll be back.

Willy’s Wishin’ Well

Q. What prizes can be won from Willy’s Wishin’ Well?

A. The Grand Prize is the Alter Ego Skylander of the month. Major Prizes includes decorations and other premium items such as Elemental Shrines. Minor Prizes include gold and energy payouts. As of 4/30/13 it appears that Willy no longer pays out Gems.

Q. How do I get more Wishin’ Stones?

A. You can earn Wishin’ Stones by clearing Elemental Totems that spawn on your islands, from Elemental Shrines when they match the element of the day, Elemental Sanctuaries (with Ruggles), and from the daily bonus. There are also holiday themed ways to earn Wishin’ Stone that are only available for a limited time, such as the Eggs With Legs. Companion Cherry will double the number of Elemental Totems that spawn on your islands.

Q. Is there a limit on how many Wishin’ Stones you can have at one time?

A. There is currently no known limit.

Q. What is the Luck Meter?

A. The Luck Meter fills with every stone that you cast into Willy’s Well. When your Luck level increases, your odds of winning the Alter Ego Grand Prize get better. Once you win the Grand Prize the Luck Meter will reset until next month. The Luck Meter only influences your chances of winning the Grand Prize Alter Ego. It will not affect your chances of winning major and minor prizes.

Q. Wasn’t Willy old?

A. He was. Now he’s not. I suspect he’s been abusing his Wishin’ Well privileges.

Inventory Island

Q. What is the max number of inventory slots I can have?

A. The max number of inventory slots is 50.

Q. How do I unlock more inventory slots?

A. You can purchase more slots using gems. The upgrade list is as follows:

    • Level 1 (Free): 2 slots
    • Level 2 (15 Gems): Adds 3 slots
    • Level 3 (50 Gems): Adds 15 slots
    • Level 4 (150 Gems): Adds 30 slots

Q. My inventory is full! Will I lose a quest reward item?

A. Quest reward items will still go into your inventory even if it’s already full.


Q. What is Activate?

A. Activate is Activision’s social network that supports Lost Islands, Cloud Patrol, and Battlegrounds.

Q. Can I add you as a friend?

A. My list is completely full but you should really check out our list of Activate Gamer Names.

Q. What can I do with my Lost Islands friends?

A. Once every 22 hours you can send them gift which contains either a Kudo or a Gem. You can also visit their island to harvest Kudos from their Kingdom.

Q. What’s a Kudo?

A. Kudos are the newest currency Lost Islands and is earned by utilizing the social features. They can be used to purchase Kudo exclusive items such as Admiral Thumpback or Gurglefin. You earn 50 Kudos when adding a new friend. Gifts friends send you are likely to contain a Kudo and you can harvest 3 Kudos per day in each of your friends’ Kingdoms.

Q. What are Party Invitations?

A. A relic of the past. Like VHS. Party Invitations were replaced by the Kudos that you harvest from each of your friends’ Kingdoms.


Q. Can I get a code for Ninjini, Hot Dog, etc.?

A. Unfortunately the inclusion of Activate now makes the Skylander web codes unique and should not be shared.

Q. What is the Summer Solstice event?

A. The Summer Solstice event took place from 6/21/13 until 6/23/13. It featured a number of sales as well as doubled the Kingdom XP and Gold that players earned during that weekend.

Q. What is the Summer Heat Wave Event?

A. The dog days of summer hit the Lost Islands from 8/1/13 until 8/4/13. They brought with them a number of Kingdom bonuses including double Skylander XP.

Q. What is Super Tuesday?

A. Super Tuesday is a weekly sale that may include discounts on items, a return of limited time only items, or even bonuses to actions performed on that day.

Q. What are Hidden Offers and how do I activate them?

A. Hidden Offers generally give you a discount or bonus when purchasing Gem Packs and last for 1 hour. They are activated by collecting a token emblazoned with the Gem symbol and can be found by completing actions such as clearing totems or mobs.


Q. Why is Lost Islands asking me to Restart Now? I don’t want to lose my kingdom!

A. Relax, Lost Islands is prompting you to restart the program because there’s a new content update or a new bug fix that needs to be downloaded.

Q. How do I retrieve lost web codes?

A. Web codes can now be retrieved if you have access to a console version of SWAP Force! Just put the figure on the portal, goto Manage Skylander, and you should see an option to display their web code.

Q. Help! I’m having an issue not listed here!

A. I’m here to help. If you have a question about part of the game feel free to comment anywhere on portalflip.com or contact me on Twitter (@portalflip). If you’re having technical issues like your game crashing, lost progress, etc. you’ll need to contact Activision. You can contact them via Twitter (@ATVIAssist) or through Activision’s support page.


92 comments on “Lost Islands FAQ

  1. Here are the times adventures take after buying the Flynn Companion

    Perilous Pastures – 1 Minute
    Molekin Mountain – 2 Minutes
    Shattered Island – 3 Minutes
    Junkyard Isles – 6 Minutes
    Oilspill Island – 7 Minutes
    Goo Factory/Cyclops Square/… – 22 Minutes
    Troll Warehouse – 45 Minutes
    Cadaverous Crypt – 1 Hour
    Battlefield/Crystal Eye Castle/… – 3 Hours
    Dark Water Cove – 5 Hours
    Empire of Ice – 7 Hours
    Spyro Hometown – 9 Hours
    Cutthroat Carnival – 12 Hours
    Troll Factory/Dragons Peak/… -16 Hours

  2. Here is additional info for Spyro’s #1 Fan companion
    1. Bonus applies to Dark Spyro
    2. Spyro Hometown adventure info
    * Time:12 hours
    * Hero XP: 1500
    * Gold: 10,000 + 2,500 Bonus
    * Energy: 3,200

  3. You do not get a bonus when you use Dark Spyro 😦

  4. I’ve bought TWO $24.99 gem packs because the first one didn’t work. They took my money, got a Paypal receipt, but never received gems. So I tried again since today is the last day for Hoppity and it STILL didn’t work!! Anyone else have this problem?

    • Can’t say that I have but this really isn’t an issue we can help with here. Have you tried using Activision’s support page or contacting them on Twitter (@ATVIassist)? They’ll be your best option for getting this resolved quickly.

    • I called activision when this happened to me on a sale of 930 for $9.99 I think. They told me they would see what they would do, but that I should call Apple and get a refund. So I called apple and they gave me a refund no problem. So I bought it again with no problem. An hour or two later, 1250 gems show up. As a “one time gesture of good faith,” Activision hooked it up. Win.

  5. I was wondering of anyone has won one of the elemental shrines from the Wishin’ Well as I have gotten 3 fisheries so far but not a single shrine.

  6. For your community guide the max number of theatres you can have is 5

  7. Baxter’s Inventory Island has 4 levels with a max capacity of 50 slots

    Level 1 – free adds 2 slots
    Level 2 – cost 15 gems adds 3 slots
    Level 3 – cost 50 gems adds 15 slots
    Level 4 – cost 150 gems adds 30 slots

  8. 4 more things for your update

    * Maximum number of Lighthouses is 6
    * Maximum number of Potters is 2
    * If you put a Community Building in storage it stay in your inventory without requiring any Mabu but do require Mabu when you try to redeploy them. This is nice because if you have a few empty spaces you can build all of the community buildings and then choose which ones you want to deploy.
    * You can pick up a skylander and drop them onto a Adventure Ballon/Sanctuary/Giant House to assign them to the task you have dropped them on.

  9. I just added molten hot dog and when I did this one of the other skylander I had previously had became unregistered (in this case it was slambam) and I had to re-register him again at level 1 and now rebuild him back up to where he was (level 12). I had the same issue when I won Buddy Wrecking ball where my normal Wrecking Ball was unregistered and I had to re-register him.

    Has anyone else run into this issue?

  10. Max number for new community building are
    * Tailor – 2
    * Candle Maker – 2

  11. For some reason now the #1 Fan Bonus I get is in Heropoints and not Gold (which if you are maxed out on level is useless). Is anyone else experiencing this?

  12. Once you win that month’s grand prize from the wishing well, does the luck meter go to zero / freeze where you were? Are others saving the subsequent wishstones they earn for the next month?

    • The luck meter unfortunately resets once you win the Alter Ego. I’ve been saving my extra stones from month to month since it really is rare to win anything of value from the Wishin’ Well other than the Alter Ego but at some point I may have to sit down and burn some extra stones.

  13. Thought you should know that the spin seems to be connected to how many skylanders you have after the first spin. Right now I have 9 skuylanders and it cost 750,000 gold to spin at 8 it cost me 250,000 gold to spin. I know someone else that has less than me don’t know exact number but it cost her 125,000 to spin.

    • Interesting. I will have to change it. Thanks!

    • I had all the skylanders except Granite Crusher and the price tag for the Spin was 2,500,000. Luckily I own the figure so all I had do was fire up the Blue Tooth Portal to load him in 🙂

      Also one other thing for your FAQ, it looks like there is a limit of how many elemental shrines of each type you can own as I bought a water one when it was on sale, I won one in the wishing well and then was rewarded a third one in one of the quests and now I see a message that you can only have 3.

      • I’m still catching up from the holiday but the shrine info is great and you’re right, it should be in there. Thanks again. 🙂

        I’ve used the Spin to Win wheel once for 2,500 gold since I didn’t want to wait a week until I could buy Polar Whirlwind from Gamestop.

  14. My luck meter reset and I never got a grand prize was 3/4 full

    • I haven’t heard of anyone having issues with their Luck Meter resetting but that could be just because most people I know have enough stones to play and win right away. Before I go any further I only have 1 questions: Are you talking about the Luck Meter resetting when the Alter Ego changed or were these stones used only while Fireworks Zook was available? I’m guessing it’s the latter but I just wanted to make sure.

    • The luck meter resets every month when the new grand prize is present. Can this be the reason? So if you’re 3/4 full on the last day of the month, the luck meter resets the next day to zero….

  15. i’m interested in the response here as well, though i did have the luck meter reset from a substantial level when i transferred between devices during the hoppity pop fizz campaign. i freaked out a little bit and started saving stones for the next campaign, but ended up purging them and achieved the grand prize as if the game knew where the meter really should have been. best of luck Travis!

  16. How many wish stones does it take to fill the wishin well meter?

  17. Hai, now since Skylanders Universe was shut down, is there any possible way to retrieve a lost web code for mobile devices?

    • Unfortunately the web codes aren’t tied to the figures in any way so there’s no way to retrieve them. If you’re looking to unlock characters in Lost Islands using your physical collection your best bet is to invest in a cheap bluetooth portal.

  18. I have a question: If I won or bought a skylander on Skylanders lost islands and then i enter there code will I get gems for what they are worth (I got Gnarly Tree Rex the other day when they gave them out in the game for free, and I just bought his figure)

  19. So I won’t get a 300 gem refund for having had it and then entering the web code

  20. It looks like the little three-point icons in the bottom right corner of the character card tells which Series of the figure you used to unlock the character in the game by showing as green for Series 1 and orange(ish) for Series 2, with the light core figures having a glowing icon. The alter-egos and sidekicks don’t have an icon, and strangely neither does Gnarly Tree Rex, but I think that may be because I unlocked him using the spin. Although, other characters I “won” in the game just have all the icons greyed out. Does anyone know if there is a benefit to entering a code for each series if it’s a character with multiple icons?

    • Alter Egos should never have an icon as they aren’t physical figures part of any series. Sidekicks are questionable since they were physically produced but technically they’re magic items. Gnarly Tree Rex and Scarlet Ninjini should both have icons but don’t yet (for whatever reason).

      For characters that have multiple crowns, lighting those up after unlocking the character will award a small amount of energy.

  21. the park takes 6500 mabu. a bit of relief there, as i was expecting the damage to be much more.

  22. Why can’t you cancel the gem purchase of a sky lander character like you can on structures? I accidentally clicked a character I didn’t already have when clearing a totem and I used 200 gems on Zook. I already had 8 Life types and had no need for Zook. There needs to be a cancel or a confirm button. It’s my fault, but if you click on a sanctuary or other structure you can cancel before the timer runs out and not spend gems. Definitely something that would be appreciated as an update!

    • This would be good feedback for Vicarious Visions. However if you use a physical figure or web code to register a character that you’ve purchased with Gems you will be refunded those Gems. Is that an option for you?

      • I’m not planning to purchase Zook for our Wii so this isn’t an option me for. It just seems odd that I can cancel an accidental click on a building to halt a purchase, but I can’t on a hero. Not a cool thing to watch 200 gems disappear on accident.

  23. Add me if you like! I play the game at least once a day on two devices and I always check for and give kudos (I’m saving for Admiral Thumpback 😉
    First Username: David_NLD
    Second Username: David_NLD2

  24. Can you please expand the Island with another one? It’s getting crowded over here and I almost cannot place any buildings/houses anymore……

  25. do you plan to update the adventure guide with the new level 13 + 15 quests? i only know level 13 data at the moment, but enjoy seeing the breakdown. thanks!

    • I was actually in the middle of updating the FAQ the other day and cleaned up all the guide docs. I didn’t have an open balloon so I couldn’t get all the values for adventures and forgot about it until you asked. I’ll get it up tonight but the from the quick math I’ve done while playing all the new adventure, including the SWAP Force exclusive one, have really good payout ratios. So much so that it makes some adventures obsolete.

  26. absolutely! it’s maddening how the swap force guys have quests for the elemental 4 hr adventure, when the cloudbreak adventure is the same time, with a fraction of the reward. plus, i used to send guys on 10 hr missions while i’m at work, but now the 4 hr cloudbreak adventure is more profitable – geez. of course, my whole world will change since i picked up Flynn today in the 50% off deal. current gem count = 0…eek! it was a risk that i weighed, whether they’ll introduce a birthday hut before i have my gem count back up vs a whole new world of reduced flight times…and just after i got the last of the houses i’d missed on super tuesday 😛

  27. I have 2 quests but can’t complete them because need 2 items but I can’t get the items without completing quests so can’t go any further on the game. The items are map and skull. Don’t want to have to quit game after playing for so long.

  28. how do i swap my swap force characters in lost islands?

  29. how do I get the codes for unlocking skylanders cause I have lost them and I only have skylanders 1+2 on xbox360.
    help please 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  30. Where do i put my webcodes in please reply to my email, i habe ove 30 skylanders and am very distraught because i cant find where to add my codes pleas please help, email is soullessexistenz@gmail.com also will be looking for friends, ill be a daily active member due to im obsessed wit skylanders

  31. I’ve been trying to use the bluetooth portal on my android phone with the lost islands game, but I can’t get it to do anything in the game. Any help would much appreciated. I have tried doing google searches and youtube searches but all have come up empty handed.

  32. Hi all, does the hall of legends now cost gems forever or is this just a short term promotion?

  33. Hi all, has everyone stopped getting wish stones from shrines?

  34. info for the housing guide: there is a limit of 6 wood stack houses.

  35. When I usr a code to get a skylander if I get a nother system and download skylander lost iland can I use the code again

  36. i have probs with quigley quest, i build an nesstand but nothing happen , cant byu quigley und the quest is still in progress how can i end it ?

    • Unfortunately unless you’re given the option to skip a step with Gems then the only way to clear a quest is to complete it.

      What’s the quest call for again? Activating the Newsstand?

      • yes use the newsstand , i build it and nothing happen, and quigly in the ship says must complet an quest to obtain,but cant use the newsstand und i cant skip it …

  37. Add me on SkyLanders Lost Islands, I am a daily player that gives presents and kudos!!!


  38. Has anyone had a problem with collecting trophies from the theater. My theater does nor produce trophies so how can I complete the quest.

    • sometimes when you need them to produce, they can be sparing. i remember having the issue with a few of the community buildings along the way. unless it’s truly bugged, it should come along eventually…

  39. Thanks pooleboy

  40. I still have the problem with the newsstandquest to activate it and quikley isnt aviable in any way …….

    • quigley is in the ship with the companions. if you’re not going to get him, try getting rid of the newsstand to see if the quest removes itself. it’s not that great anyway and only yields 3 gems from 2 quests once you get quigley.

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