All’s Quiet On The Skylanders 4 Front

I’m sure most of you are as anxious to hear about the next installment in the Skylanders series as I am. Currently there is nothing to report on as Activision hasn’t even confirmed that there is an announcement on it’s way. But we can make a few guesses based on how SWAP Force was revealed last year. Here’s a brief timeline of how SWAP Force info was rolled out in 2013:

Now that we’ve taken a look at the past let’s use that and predict how and when the next game will be announced. Please note that other than the date for New York Toy Fair 2014 the following timeline is based solely on my predictions. Grain of salt not included.

  • February 5th, 2014: Activision registers domain names related to Skylanders 4 in anticipation of an announcement the following week.
  • February 11th, 2014: Activision to release press release and related materials confirming the title and setting of Skylanders 4. A teaser trailer will come along with this.
  • February 16th, 2014: New York Toy Fair 2014 kicks off. Activision is confirmed to have a presence there according to the Exhibitor Floor Plan.

As you can see I used the date for this year’s Toy Fair and worked backwards from there based on the timing of last year’s events. Will my predictions prove bucket-like and hold water or am I just another Skylanders fan making wild guesses? The next few weeks will hold the answer to that but we’ll continue to keep our ears to the ground. As soon as we know more so will you!


Dude, Where’s My Metallic Gill Grunt Coupon?

Toys R Us won over the hearts (and wallets) of portalmasters across the country during the launch of SWAP Force due to their metallic Gill Grunt promotion. Rewards members who spent $100 or more on SWAP Force products through the end of the year would receive a coupon for a free metallic Gill Grunt of their very own. However,Toys R Us’ deadline of 1/18/14 has come and gone and most people have yet to receive their coupon leaving people asking “What do I do?”.

Your mileage and results will vary but first here is the tried and true method painstakingly compiled by BahamutBreaker:

1. Call the general help line for TRU phone support, 1-800-TOYS-R-US. Select option number “5” to speak with the “Rewards” department.
2. Explain to the agent that you are a Rewards member, calling to inquire about the Skylanders Special Edition Gill Grunt promotion.
3. Explain that you should have been in receipt of an email voucher for the Gill Grunt, and that you have not received an email (and you’ve checked your “junk mail” or “spam” folder, etc. and it’s not there, either).
4. Explain that TRU’s self-stated deadline to distribute those voucher emails, 1/18/14, has now passed, and you still have not received your email voucher.
5. Ask for the agent to verify your eligibility for the promotion by viewing your Rewards purchase history between 10-13-13 and 12-31-13. Ask them to verify your email address, too, just to be sure.
6. Once the agent has verified your eligibility for the promotion, request that s/he “opens a case” with a reference number.
7. Make sure the agent tells you the reference number and write it down. Make sure the agent makes notation on your “case” file that s/he confirmed that you are eligible for the promotion.
8. Exchange pleasantries and if there’s nothing else the agent can do for you, hang up.
9. Then, call a different TRU support number: 1-855-422-7715. This is a direct line to TRU’s “customer care” department. You can’t access this department easily from the main TRU phone support line (1-800-TOYS-R-US).
10. Provide this new agent with your “case” file’s reference number from the previous phone call.
11. Explain your situation — I haven’t received my email voucher; I should have received it no later than yesterday (1/18/14); etc., etc.
12. The agent will probably want to re-verify your Rewards membership number, your email address, your billing address, your shipping address, etc, etc.
13. At this point, the agent may (probably will) try to compensate you with an “e-gift card” credit for $12 to purchase the Special Gill Grunt at TRU.com. If that satisfies you, go for it. If not …
14. Explain to the agent that you are aware that Rewards members who actually received their vouchers were offered Free Shipping as part of the promotion. Tell him/her you want that, too.
15. At this point, if you’ve played your cards right, and your agent isn’t an idiot, the agent will go ahead and place the online order for you, for the Special Gill Grunt, with free shipping … possibly even free Express shipping.
16. Don’t hang up until you actually receive and see your email order confirmation. Double-check to ensure that the correct shipping address, etc. is on that confirmation.

Again I do want to stress that your mileage may vary with this method. Yesterday when we called for one of our Rewards accounts we were told that the reason for the delay was due to a delay with the figure shipments and they didn’t want people to go into stores looking for a product they didn’t have yet. Despite that we were still emailed the coupon the same day. When I called today for our second Rewards account I was immediately transferred to customer care and simply told that I would need to wait until the 25th.

Long post short, if you’re eligible for the Toys R Us metallic Gill Grunt figure you should give their support number a call but it looks like we might still be waiting another week for the coupon. If you’re not eligible for a free figure, ToysRUs.com does have metallic Gill Grunt in-stock and available for purchase.


Element Of The Day Bonus Fixed In Lost Islands?

For the past several weeks Lost Island players have been suffering from the Element of the Day bonus not working resulting in lost Gold, Energy, and Wishin’ Stones. However, it looks like The Fix Is In!

photo (32)

Players today have noticed that a patch has been applied forcing Lost Islands to restart. Normally restarting the app like this would result in the elemental bonus disappearing again but in all cases the bonus has stayed in effect! Please note that if your elemental bonus was already broken for today that it will not reset until tomorrow or if you change your device’s clock (not recommended).

While we haven’t received confirmation from @ATVIAssist that this issue has been corrected so we’ll let you know if we hear otherwise.


Skylanders SWAP Force Nominated For Family Game Of The Year


It should come as no surprise to anyone but Skylanders SWAP Force has been nominated in the Family Game of the Year category for the 17th annual D.I.C.E. awards! Other nominees from the category include Rayman Legends and Disney whatzitsbucket but SWAP Force has the home field advantage. In 2012, Spyro’s Adventure won Outstanding Innovation In Gaming while also being nominated in 2 other categories. Giants continued the trend in 2013 taking home the award for Family Game of the Year.

Will SWAP Force go for the threepeat and win an award again this year? That’s up to the academy to decide but regardless it’s a feather in the cap of all the hardworking guys & gals who helped make the third entry in the Skylanders franchise happen.

Congratulations and best of luck to everyone at Toys For Bob, Vicarious Visions, and Activision!


Best Buy Exclusive Heavy Duty Sprocket Variant Coming Soon

…as soon as this coming Sunday, that is.

It’s been a while but Best Buy is getting their first exclusive Skylanders toy since Volcanic Vault. Starting on 1/12 Best Buy stores across the country will be stocking a brand new Heavy Duty Sprocket variant for collectors to purchase (or to preorder now through BestBuy.com). While the product doesn’t mention this Goldling-turned-Silverling’s exclusivity, several have already popped up on eBay and the package sports the “Only At Best Buy” logo.

This variant and Pumpkin Eye-Brawl both came as surprises to portalmasters everywhere so who knows what other tricks that Activision has up its sleeve?

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Will Wave 3 Show Up For Skylanders Day @Gamestop?

It looks like retailers are no longer holding back when it comes to releasing Wave 3. Gamestop.com has joined in and now has most of Wave 3 available for preorder. Interestingly, the anticipated release day is 1/11/14 which is the same day as their Skylanders Day event. So will they have Wave 3 Skylanders available to go along with their sidekick promotion or is this just a coincidence? Do check with your local store for more details but in the meantime here’s all their Wave 3 preorder links:


SWAP Force


Thanks to Chris for the tip!


Wave 3 Skylanders Arrive @ToysRUs Including Wham Shell

Update: Went back to my local TRU as it seems most stores are stocking their Wave 3 shipment in the middle of the day. Sure enough the entirety of Wave 3 was there including the 2 Lightcore figures I needed. Updated the gallery with a couple pics from my store showing their display.

I didn’t expect more Wave 3 news today but portalmasters across the country are starting to find all of Wave 3 at their local stores. Yes, even Sheep Wreck Island and Lightcore Wham Shell! Thanks to Redditors /u/fraghead5 and /u/Ditcka for posting these images:

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While not every Toys R Us store across the country is currently stocked with these it will definitely be worth checking out your local stores over the next few days in case you can’t order Wave 3 off of Amazon. I personally struck out at my local TRU as I’m still looking for Lightcore Countdown & Wham Shell but I believe a shipment should arrive tonight. At least I’m hoping that’s the case.

Happy hunting!